30 Jan

Time To Play For Naughty Teen Girl

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Pretty teen Stefany has been struggling to pay her college fees. Some of her teen friends in a similar situation thought nothing of setting up an OnlyFans account, doing part-time webcam work, or even fucking strangers for cash. Not Stefany. This is a good, sweet, wholesome girl, who decided to become a pet walker to earn those extra dollars. She loves animals, and it’s a healthy way to earn money, both in body and mind. But when the dog of one of her wealthy clients runs off the leash, and she has to explain to the owner that she lost his beloved pet, it’s time to suck and fuck. Not for cash, but as a way to say sorry to the dog owner that she has let down so badly. She lets this poor man treat her almost like a dog herself, accepting that she deserves to have the dog leash and collar put around her sweet neck, and lets him deepthroat her young and contrite face, before bending over for the hard pounding in her tight, wet pussy! By the time she has wiped the man’s face from her cum, both he and the man have forgotten about the stupid dog, and are simply looking forward to the next wild fucking session!