19 Nov

Russian Teen Becomes Sperm Bank For Step Daddy

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You married into a poor Russian family, and times are increasingly hard. You are really beginning to struggle to make ends meet. Luckily for you and your new wife, you teen stepdaughter is studying business at college, and she has come up with a clever idea to make some easy money. She wants you to become a sperm donor! It sounds so simple, but first she has to find if you are able to produce enough sperm to put in the sachet to give to the clinic. She decides to find out by unzipping your pants and sucking on your stiff cock. You are not sure about this – surely it is wrong to be sucked off by your own teen step daughter, even if it is to provide an income for the family? But it feels so good, and when she stops sucking and begins to ride you hard in the reverse cowgirl position, allowing you a good view of her nubile butt as you start to reach climax, you are having the best sex of your life. She climbs off your dick just in time for you to release all your semen into her cum thirsty teen mouth. Mmmmm, you certainly have enough sperm for the clinic. Now you are going to be paid by the clinic to be sucked and fucked by your barely legal Russian stepdaughter, in order to deliver them sperm. She can afford a new smartphone, and you will be in sexual heaven every week! A great deal all round!